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Introducing the PT Client Manager App with Healthkit Compatibility

PT Client Manager Personal Trainers can now create and send bespoke training and nutrition programs directly to their Clients’ iPhones using Weightplan’s ‘PT Client Manager’ iPad App. PTs can offer a full 360° planning and review service, assessing all their … Read more

The Mesomorph

Know your body type Our genetics play a huge role in defining our natural body types and without intervention our body types generally remain the same for the rest of our lives. Our body frame remains the same irrespective of … Read more

Weightplan Approved by NHS

We’re really pleased to announce that and Weightplan’s Gym Training and Gym Training Plus Apps have just been approved by the NHS. We’re one of the very first diet and fitness services to get the NHS seal of approval … Read more

The Ectomorph

Know your body type Our genetics play a huge role in defining our natural body types and without intervention our body types generally remain the same for the rest of our lives. The first question you should ask yourself is … Read more

Which body type are you?

Why we are all different Look at the people around you; we are all built differently. Different body shapes, different muscle mass, different amounts of body fat. Some people seem to have an easy time of it, effortlessly remaining buff … Read more

The shape of your life in 90 Days

Get motivated Motivation is the key to success and to achieving your goals. It can be hard to remain motivated, even for 90 days. If you’d like to start feeling more confident in your own skin, have more body confidence … Read more

How important is stretching?

Introduction Stretching is what we all do naturally after a period of inactivity. When we wake in the morning, we always subconsciously stretch ourselves and we probably don’t even register that we do it or wonder why it’s so natural … Read more reveals their 360° fitness and diet solution and new iPhone App

21st Century Fitness Training just got serious… reveals their 360° fitness and diet solution just in time for the New Year! LONDON, Wednesday 12th December, 2012. This week sees health & fitness company launch the latest version of … Read more

Common Exercise Myths

True or false – fact or fiction; there is so much conflicting information surrounding exercise do’s and don’ts, so what should we really believe? This article aims to take a closer look and clarify some of today’s most common exercise … Read more

Can Music Increase Your Motivation?

Have you ever noticed that music has the ability to connect directly to the soul? Simply playing different genres of music can transform your emotions into whatever the artist wants to convey. The sung word seems more powerful and resonates … Read more

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  • Weightplan is an online food, fitness and health service. It’s quick and easy to use and helps you achieve your goals faster – whether it’s dieting and weight loss, improved fitness or a gym-body. Weightplan includes nutrition, calorie counted recipes, exercise plans, videos, and tracks your progress toward your goals.

  • Becky Stevenson (BSc Hons, MSc, RD, SENr) - Expert Nutritionist Advisor to Becky Stevenson is a Performance Nutritionist and Registered Dietician. She trained as a dietician at University College London Hospital and specialised in sports nutrition at Royal London Hospital Sports Medicine Department. Becky worked within the NHS London teaching hospitals for over 10 years before she set up her private practice in Wimpole St., London. She accredited as a sports dietician in 2004 through the British Dietetic Association and went onto work with a professional cycling team in their first season. She has worked with elite British Track and Field athletes working for England Institute of Sport and UK athletics and provided nutrition support to five Beijing British Olympic medallists. Becky is an experienced lecturer and writes regular nutrition articles to sports magazines, has presented research at international conferences and has appeared on SKY TV during the 2004 Olympic Games. She currently looks after the nutrition of Britain's top 40 tennis players as Head of Nutrition for British Tennis. She is a keen sportsperson and is currently training to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor.

  • Andrew Barham has 16 years’ experience in the Health & Beauty industry, and is the President and CEO of Andrew is an avid exponent of the benefits of pairing optimal nutrition with effective exercise to accelerate weight loss, muscle gain and overall fitness. Andrew founded to address the fundamental gap in many people’s diet and fitness plans – the fact that without a solid and well balanced nutrition it’s almost impossible to achieve your goals. “10 years of using gyms and training with a Personal trainer have taught me that no matter how much time you put in, if you don’t have well balanced nutrition and the correct calorific intake you’ll never achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or to gain lean muscle having a virtual Personal Trainer and Nutritionist on stand-by to ensure that all your hard work is in balance means you’ll get there faster, and make healthy life changes that stay with you forever. is designed to be incredibly simple, and combines a food diary, fitness diary, meal plans and recipes that fit in with everyone’s busy lives. Whether you’re a beginner or fitness professional it will transform your results!"

  • Iain MacKenzie - Elite Personal Trainer and Fitness advisor to Iain studied Advanced Personal Training at the University of Loughborough, and has worked for over 10 years as a Personal Trainer in one of the world’s largest gym chains. A former British gymnast and national gold medallist Iain has extensive experience of gym and fitness instruction, fitness testing, advanced training, exercise nutrition, and sports conditioning. Iain is also certified as a Power Plate™, Kettlebells™, ViPR ™, and boxing instructor, and holds an advanced functional training qualification in addition to being Fitness Coach for a UK rugby team.

  • Fiona Hinton (B.Sc., M.Nut.Diet., R.D., F.D.G.) – Expert Nutrition Advisor to Fiona Hinton is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and health writer. She has over 15 years’ experience in a wide range of nutrition fields. In addition to hospitals and community clinics, she has worked in Corporate health promotion and has established her own very successful private nutrition practice. With a career spanning locations from Princeton, NJ in the US, London and Edinburgh in the U.K. and Brisbane, Australia Fiona is uniquely qualified to provide globally tailored nutrition advice. Fiona’s nutrition projects have been as varied as training nutrition advisors, consulting to Government departments and private nurseries, and creating nutritious recipes for a leading National Health Charity. Fiona is also an experienced health and nutrition writer, and has co-authored and contributed to a number of books in the United States and UK, as well as writing for clients ranging from the British Dietetic Association to baby guru Gina Ford. Fiona is a keen advocate of the importance of nutrition to achieve optimum health and peak physical performance. She is excited to be a part of and to have the opportunity to spread trustworthy and practical diet and fitness nutrition information to a new audience.

  • Anita Bean BSc R Nutr - Expert Nutritionist Advisor to Anita is a registered nutritionist, as well as a best-selling author and health writer. Her practical style has made her one of the UK’s most respected nutritionists. She has written 24 books on nutrition and fitness including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes and Sports Nutrition for Women. Winner of three major achievement awards in sports nutrition, she writes a regular column for Good Housekeeping and contributes to Ultra Fit and Womens Running magazines. Anita is a member of the Nutrition Society and the Guild of Health Writers. A former British bodybuilding champion, Anita is a strong advocate of an active lifestyle and currently keeps fit with Ashtanga yoga and swimming.